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All are available for the low price of $9.99 per month and they are great as simple, versatile and highly visual tools for measuring change and noticing progress.

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Scaling Kit

The Scaling Kit is a simple, versatile and highly visual tool for measuring change and noticing progress. These ten interactive scaling masters are especially for those who work with others in a supportive or therapeutic way. The Scaling Kit a great tool for having conversations about how something or someone is going—a project, a job, a timeline, a community event, a more information

Growing Well

Growing Well is a simple, versatile tool for assessing mental health and wellbeing using the universally understood technique of scaling, and the ‘Five Column’ tool from strengths-based practice. Growing Well is not only a Mental Health Examination (MSE) tool for professionals-it is also a self-assessment tool for anyone wanting to monitor their own signs of more information